Coming Home:

Sgt. Emerson Brand was killed in Iraq last week by an IED. I got a call from an associate asking if I could film the plane arriving yesterday in Greenville with Sgt. Brand's body. I wasn't sure what to expect, but felt honored to have the opportunity to capture what the family wanted (the plane landing, the body being escorted from the plane to the hearse, and the procession arriving at the funeral home in Caddo Mills).

Star Spangled Banner:  

This loving presentation was played at the Funeral Services Saturday March 24th,2007 at the Faith Bible Church in Caddo Mills, Texas.  

Remembering a Fallen Soldier: 

War hits close to Home:

The Apostolic Assembly was filled with people today who came to pay their tributes to Sergeant Emerson Noah Brand. His grandparents Mary and Gabriel Mendez live in Idaho Falls, and they say Emerson requested a unit transfer so he could serve another term in Iraq.

His Family
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This was to be an "event" for Greenville and the area, with businesses closing and allowing employees to line the streets in honor of Sgt. Brand.

The Dance:

A beautiful video viewed at Emersons funeral
January 22, 1978 - March 15, 2007
"I think the overwhelming feeling we had, after shooting and editing the video for Sgt. Brand, was respect and honor.  It was uplifting to see so many folks in Caddo Mills lined up with flags, banners and simply their presence, as Sgt. Brand's carriage went by.  The Patriot Guard Riders were there to help, and with so much respect... you just felt the support and love of everyone there.