Journal entry, 23 February 2006:

Zech 9:14
14 The Lord shall lead his people as they fight! . . . Zech 9:16
as a Shepherd caring for his sheep. They shall shine in his land as glittering jewels in a crown. . . .

Zech 10:6-8   I will strengthen Judah, (put your name there) yes, and Israel too; I will reestablish them because I love them. . . . I the Lord their God, will hear their cries. . . . Their children, too, shall see the mercies of the Lord and be glad. Their hearts shall rejoice in the Lord.

8 When I whistle to them, they'll come running. . . Zech 10:11
They shall pass safely through the sea of distress. . . .Zech 10:12 :  The Lord says, "I will make my people strong with power from me! . . .  and wherever they go they will be under my personal care."

Given to me early this morning, made poignant this afternoon, with Emerson in mind, after learning of the fulfillment of his reenlistment. Pressed upon me to relay to him-- God’s message to him.

And also God’s confirming word to me—may we never forget it.

May we hold tight to it, while we pass through the sea of distress.  Knowing, because He walks with us, because He chooses to speak to all who will but listen, because He is faithful and cannot lie, He promised, though we are sure to pass through that sea of distress, we would only do so under His personal care, and thus, in perfect safety.

Should He tarry, may we recall when we are old, our eyes are fogged by age, our sight so dimmed; when we lay to take our final rest, close our eyes that final time, full of years, our crown grayed, may we recall His words spoken to us this day and Praise Him. Tell all who can hear our voice “What He says He will perform.”

Faithful and true is He, and Holy is His Name.

1730 CT, Thursday, 23, February, 2006.


Journal Of Debi Lynn Brand
January 22, 1978 - March 15, 2007