On Mar 17, 2007, at 8:02 PM, Debi Brand wrote;

I just wanted to inform you, our son, Emerson Noah Brand, was amongst the four that were killed in Baghdad on Thursday morning, 15 March.

You sent us his photos, taken on the day they were in Bangor, Oct. 22, 2006.

I had requested the pictures from you and you sent them. We enlarged the one with him talking on the phone, calling home, his last call, before leaving "homeland."

That picture is priceless now. Priceless.

I have that picture here beside my desk. I have, since I heard the news . . . leaned over and now kissed him on the forehead, numerous times. I was able to do so, only, because you all made this picture available to us.

When we received those pictures, I knew we were looking into the eyes of many a man who knew, they were walking to the last mile of their lives. I knew . . . the chance was, my boy was one of those--we prayed, trusted, and hoped, that would not be so . . . .

Thank you all. Words fail me to express the meaningfulness of that picture. Thank you.

God bless you for all you do.

Debi Brand

Freeport Flag Ladies <ForeverFree@FreeportFlagLadies.com>

Spring is in the air but winter is still nipping at our heels as we
head to the hill to hold our flags in honor of our troops. The poem
that follows is from Elaine.

The night is silent and the wind is still.

Across this land of war, over it’s burning sands and hills.

The soldier’s mind goes round and round, touching on matters high and low.

Life, only a breath disturbs its balance, I know his soul trembled, yet he believes, all men should be free.

Oh, to have faith that knows no doubt and fears no mystery.

As the soldier’s words fell from his lips, the ground holding them like a cup.

An Angel appeared, bent down and picked the solder’s words back up.

The Angel spoke, listen and heed so my words will reach your ear.

Softly and clearly, the angel’s voice, the solder began to hear.

Let not your heart be harden, you have many good deeds attempted and attained, you have struggled to repress the wrong and worked hard to keep the right maintained.

All without reserve or desirer for reward, you stand.

The light of the world is in your eyes and the hope for her future is in your hand.

God Bless Our Troops

God Bless America

Elaine Greene
The Freeport Flag Ladies

Freeport Flag Ladies wrote:

Thank you for taking the time to inform us about your son.  The news was very hard for us to hear, we know it is much harder for you to bear.

In your many hours of weariness, there will be some sweet remembering, that will flow through your blood and be felt in your heart of your son's nameless, unremembered acts of love and kindness.  From this you will receive gifts that are sublime and the burden of the  mystery of this world with its heavy and weary weight upon your heart will be lightened by a serene and blessed God.  So in tender joy remember him, for your memory will be his dwelling place.

You are in our hearts and prayers.

Love, Elaine, JoAnn & Carmen