"Islam, Nothing But The Facts"
Read, hear, and assimilate the facts on Islam.

Facts that are, mind you, the only weapon that will help America win this war.

Then, once you have armed yourself and others with the facts on Islam, join the daily massing forces who are demanding our leaders cease their misstating, when it comes to Islam and those who adhere to that faith; and pertaining to both those, demand our leaders deal with them from a fact-based basis.

Because, as long as we pretend that the Islam that G. W. Bush and countless others state is so--an Islam that is only the product of someone’s illusions--we aid the followers of Islam in their steady advance towards the world dominance they are Allah-and-Muhammad-assured of.

Pretending that is not so only expedites our arrival into complete subjugation to Islamic rule.

Thus, if we are to escape that subjugation, we must use the irreplaceable solid and sharp weapon of the facts of Islam. With those facts, we must educate the unread on Islam; expose those who seek to deceive us concerning Islam, irrespective of whom that may be.

With that done, we rally an army of troops. One willing and able to face reality, call a spade a spade, and a war plan a war plan, a deceiver just that.  Then, as one force, with a clear understanding of the source of this present war plan that is being masterfully executed against us, from a fact based basis, we deal with the enemy and his war plan as common sense would dictate such realities be dealt with.

Hear and see, why, though we are sacrificing our sons and our daughters abroad, we have yet to call the enemy by name, and yet to begin to take even the first step towards forwardly addressing it.

Our goal here is to provide the facts on Islam needed to do just that--facts, for all willing and able to deal with such facts.

The Truth About Muhammad