Gold Star Mother: Debi Lynn Brand
This letter, I finished up on 14 March 2007, but it never made it into the envelope.

Thus, I found it there on the table, in my office, the next day’s evening, when I went into my office after the Army came and left us, this letter met me there . . . .

11 March 2007

Good Morning, Honey.

Sunday Morning here. About 0900, a little rain possibly in the forecast, it feels like springtime.

Yesterday it was right about 70’. The fields are just now starting to turn green.

Last night, as I went in to Reasor’s for groceries, while I was visiting with Deb for a few minutes, she told me of the bridge incident . . . .

I pray you and Deb both know, note, and thank the Lord, He alone keeps and spares lives.

In a world where people freely and foolishly dabble and play with spirits, a world where all too often, the host from hell are served more and thus their works seen more, God remains eager to show Himself mighty to those who ask Him to. To those who desire to allow Him to be.

All too often, the forces of darkness set the stages, play out the scenes. Why?

Because, they are the forces invited.

It’s like if you had a gathering and sent out invitations, inviting those known to be lowlife troublemakers.

If they showed up, and trouble showed up too, no surprise, right? It was what was invited.

But if you invited people known to value peace, wholesomeness, and Godliness, if all those were at the “barbeque,” small wonder, right? It is what you asked for, planned for. Thus, had.

Life is just that way. If there is chaos, there is a reason for it.

If there is peace, even in the midst of trouble, peace is found where the Prince of Pease is sought.

That I know.

Em, I know I was no perfect parent. There are no such parents.

I pray you have a child or two of your own to where you too will learn, parenting is on the job training.

Nonetheless, my errors admitted and sorrowed over, today, I take all the good I possess and I do what I have aimed to do with you—the greatest gift to my life outside of the gift of God’s Love—give you the best I can muster. The best of all I have.

And my greatest treasure will always be—even if I became a millionaire tomorrow—I know God’s word is true.

You can bank [on] it. But all in that book is, just as it states it is, conditional.

“You do this,” God states repeatedly, “and I will do this.”

Both good and bad. Not that God brings evil into our lives—He does not do that.

But evil stands on its own accord, at the door.

If invited in, it leaps in.

Easy counter to that is simply love the Lord. Have His word in your heart and mind. Trust Him always.

Talk to Him, always.

We never “deserve” His great kindness. Like Daniel stated, “We don’t ask because we merit help, but because you are so merciful, despite our grievous sins.” Dan. 9:18.

“The Lord our God is merciful and pardons even those who have rebelled against him.” Dan. 9: 9

“God loves you very much.” (vs.: 23)

“God loves you very much;  . . . don’t be afraid! Calm yourself. Be strong; --yes, Strong!” Dan. 10. vs. 18.

Well, Today is 3/14/ 07; it is 0700.

Yesterday, one of your days back at “Rusty,” I saw you signed on, sent you [an] IM [instant message] a few times, but missed communicating with you.

Sorry we did.

Spring is upon us here, each day, sweeter than the day before. Truly, this winter was so long, cold, and miserable, spring feels as welcomed this year as it did in springtime in AK.

Yesterday, little Mick went with Dad when Dad took his walk—down by the pond and back.

You see, since Dad’s been on the road again, he’s made the mistake of leaving off exercising and [is also, when on the road] eating fried foods.

Naturally, he has “chickens” coming home to roost.

Hence, I’m helping him make corrections. Work out, part of the “Recovery Plan.” So Mr. Mick was Dad’s walking partner on his walk. Mr. Mick is a great little pace setter, he puts the pace at a good healthy clip.

Good “bonding” time too for the two. Not that they lack bonding, but, given, Mick is accustomed to me and the guys out walking, for him to go with Dad, on his own, mind you, is honorable..

Well Honey, I’ll get this in the mail today.

As always, we carry you in our thoughts, our hearts, and thus our prayers, always.

I give you my greatest treasure, my knowledge of a God who is Real, Faithful, and Ever Present.

I give you every once of love in my heart.

Love Mom, and dad, and the “La Familia.”